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Hello I'm Teddy Malfroy

Photographer/VIdeographer From France

A photographer and visual artist born in France and who has a passion for traveling and showing the beauty of the world.

I’ve always loved the photography since I was young, but I didn’t get into photography until late of 2018 when I started to travel.

When I took a drone up for the first time, I had this immediate excitement and this incredible high from flying, it allowed me to dive into the art of aerial photography and give me this creative fulfilment that I have always been searching for.

Nothing excites me more than creating unique one of a kind content that gets people really experiencing the beauty of a place I visit.

Specializing in content creation around landscapes, travel and lifestyle, I offer a variety of services including aerial photography, social media/brand collaborations as well as video production. I have worked with a variety of different clients including tourism boards, travel/lifestyle brands as well as local businesses.

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